I want to give Komodo IDE a chance to replace my Notepad++-editor
So I've some questions:

  • Is there a german translation of Komodo IDE?
  • How can I realize the "CTRL+D"-feature of N++ in Komodo IDE?
    In N++ this keyboard combination copy the complete line under the cursor.
    And when I use SHIFT+CTRL+D so I can move a line or a marked codeblock by cursor keys completly.
  • When I mark/ highlight a string (word/ Perl-command/ ...) in N++ all occurrences of this string will be highlighted automatically. Is there such a feature in Komodo IDE too?
  • When I mark/ highlight a variable in Komodo IDE all occurrences of this variable will be underlined.
    Can I change this appearence? So that all variables will be highlighted, not underlined? The underlining is not so remarkably for me.
  • Can I use another tool for comparing files?
    In N++ I see both files side by side. And so I see all differences line by line. The notation in Komodo it's extremly confusing for me.
  • What means in Preferences -> Editor -> Smart Editing "Reposition 'caret' after tab"?
    I pressed the Tab-Key but nothing happens?!