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    Outlook 2016 keeps freezing

    My outlook 2016 keeps freezing especially when I try to do searches. Can someone help me? Thanks!

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    Outlook 2016 keeps freezing


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    Outlook 2016 keeps freezing

    How large is your PST file? Have you tried doing a repair of the PST file?

    See this page if you do not know how:

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    Outlook 2016 keeps freezing

    Thank you Smax I appreciate it. I did scan the pst files and it said it found a few minor things to repair. I will test it out and see if its any better. Microsoft created these pst files for me when I let them on my computer and things got worse. I have 4 pst files and their sizes are 4/37MB, 2.43 MB, 8.25 MB and 3/64 MB. Is this alot?

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    content from reference site

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