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    What are the prospects for a freelance designer?

    Hi all

    I'm new here, so apologies if my question seems very basic.

    I've used Gimp frequently for designing bits and bobs for my affiliate website, but the site isn't bringing me anywhere near enough money in and I really need to start looking into doing something else.

    I do enjoy designing with Gimp, so I just wondered, and here comes the daft basic question...

    If I were to teach myself all the Adobe design programs, and become a freelance logo designer, would I be able to make a reasonable living, or would it be pretty difficult?

    I've no idea how much people pay for logo design, but I looked up standard graphic design jobs on the job centre search (UK) and wages don't seem overly great... 20-25k a year-ish.

    Do freelancers earn about this much too? I have around 25 hours a week to dedicate to designing, and I can possibly add another 10 hours over the week if I work evenings too.

    What's all of your honest opinions? Am I barking up the wrong tree if I think I can make a decent living at this from home? I'm willing to put the work in to learn the programs, and happy to get a website built and offer a few freebies to build my portfolio, but I just really don't want it all to be for nothing. After 18 months working solid on my affiliate site I'm feeling sore!

    Thanks for your honest advice.


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    What are the prospects for a freelance designer?

    I suspect that some freelance designers will only be earning a few thousand pounds a year. Others will be earning far more than the amount you've researched - it depends how good they are, not only at design but also at all the other aspects of running a successful (design) business.

    Teaching yourself the software is the easy bit but software doesn't create the designs. It's the design skills that are harder to acquire - working the designs up in Adobe Illustrator or whatever is only a small part of it.

    Good luck if you decide to go for it. It's possible to be very successful but don't assume it's as simple as learning a couple of software packages.

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    What are the prospects for a freelance designer?

    Thanks for your reply Opus

    I understand, it's not going to be an overnight walk in the park road to riches type thing I don't mind working hard, I just want to focus on the right thing

    I've been learning all week and really enjoying it so far. I'm a long way off selling my services, but Youtube and following online vids is teaching me heaps so far, then like you say I just need to learn my own style and spend a lot of hours experimenting!

    Thanks again, I'm sure these forums will come in very useful along the way!

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    What are the prospects for a freelance designer?

    The important thing is not to pressure yourself. As long as you're enjoying what you're doing, you'll be fine. Of course, don't work for free and try to make a serious business out of freelancing but don't bother with number sand statistics.

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