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    Best Programming language for someone who is starting out?

    For the past few days I've been thinking about which programming language to learn, one that is quite primitive and is easy to learn. I've decided to look at Python, Ruby, C++ (a bit advanced), PHP, C#, and Lua.

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    Best Programming language for someone who is starting out?

    Speaking from experience, i know python, HTML+CSS Ruby/Rails, Java, Falcon, and C#

    the easiest to learn by far was java,

    order of simplicity IMO:

    That's my 2 cents

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    Best Programming language for someone who is starting out?

    it honestly depends on what you want to do. Python, Ruby (and maybe Lua... don't know a whole lot about it)... these are more scripting type languages. You don't typically build a huge complicated program with them. Meant more for a couple hundred lines of code that perform a specific function. I used Python all the time in my last job to write simple programs that did specific tasks. Most were less than 200 lines.

    Java is nice (though I am not the biggest fan of it) because it can be run on a variety of platforms once compiled. You can build something, compile it, then take that executable over to Windows or Linux and it will run.

    Don't have much experience with any of the C languages. I had a course on C++ a few years ago and it wasn't bad, C is similar but a bit more complex.

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    Best Programming language for someone who is starting out?

    My favourite language by far is C++, however as a software engineer I'm working with a company which requires VB/A, Python, ASP.NET, C#, Batch... The thing is, is once you know one it's very easy to transition to another as they all use roughly the same logic, but in different ways.

    In my experience, to know which language you should learn, you first have to ask yourself what you want to do with it (Make a quick Website? Becomes a software engineer? Become a web developer? Become a system admin? Just do fun stuff for your friends or yourself?).

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