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    Sega Forever

    Sega has announced a range of retro games for smart devices,

    Sega Forever will release games spanning its entire 30-plus years catalogue for free on smartphones and tablets. It kicks off with five games at launch, with plans to release another two to three games per month.

    The games run using Unity middleware which potentially means the games could eventually come to PC and even consoles too.

    The games will be ad supported, which can be removed for a small fee.

    Comix Zone, Kid Chameleon, Phantasy Star 2, Altered Beast and Sonic The Hedgehog are available to download now.

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    Sega Forever

    Unity is an odd choice for porting old console games, especially considering there's so many emulators out there already, certainly for Megadrive (even though they tried and failed to licence one, aparrently, there's still the one they commissioned for the X360 ports, and I'm sure Nintendo have Virtual Console for Switch all but ready to roll) although I get that Unity also have an ad sales network, but... yeah.

    Still, should be interesting to see where it's going to go.

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    Sega Forever

    So the Sonic 1 game I paid 4.99 for is now loaded with adverts. There's no restore purchase option and they want 1.99 from me to get rid of them.

    I tried the other games (Altered Beast and Kid Chameleon) and they play with a slight lag, in poor quality and with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

    Even the name 'Sega Forever' sounds slightly naff, like one of those gimmicks they bring out every now and then, that ultimately ends up neglected, half-working and forgotten about years later.

    I thought that Sega was on the right track with the 'rebuilt from the ground up' Christian Whitehead games. I was hoping that other Sega classics would get the same treatment and then ultimately, end up as brilliant standalones.

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    Sega Forever

    What are you playing on? I see a Restore Purchase option when starting up the iOS version.

    Edit - there's a Restore Purchase option in the games pause menu too.

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