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    Export data problem

    im trying to export more than 49k records, but sugarcrm gives me an error. can some one help me how to resolve this problem and be able to export any kind of amount of data?


    thank you!

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    Export data problem

    Hi josh avila

    This is a bug in such core script.
    A workaround is declaring the variable $where before line #458.

    $where = '';
    if (count($where_clauses) > 0) {
    $where = '(' . implode(' ) AND ( ', $where_clauses) . ')';
    $GLOBALS['log']->info("Export Where Clause: {$where}");
    $ret_array['where'] = $where;

    Kind regards

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    Export data problem

    i declared the variable, but it just show a blank page when i export. do i only need to declare it there or as Global?

    blank page
    André Lopes

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    Export data problem

    Can you run it again, copy content of php_error.log and sugarcrm.log regarding the execution and share both?

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    content from reference site

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