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    What ad blocker am I running?

    Hi All,

    I vaguely recall installing an ad blocker a few years ago, but I don't recall what it was exactly. I know it's still working because ads are clearly missing from sites I frequent, and I am occasionally denied access to a website until I whitelist them. Obviously, since I don't know what blocker is running, I also don't know how to update the whitelist.

    I know the blocker is some sort of Firefox addon (if I use IE or Chrome, ads are not blocked), but whatever it is doesn't appear under Extensions, Plugins, or Services. I've also combed through installed apps in Programs and Features, and services and processes in both msconfig and Task Manager, but I don't see anything that looks like an ad blocker.

    I feel a bit sheepish asking for help with this, but does anyone know how to identify whatever it is that's blocking ads on my box?

    I'm browsing with Firefox v53.0.3, and my OS is Windows 7 Professional, SP1.

    Thanks in advance for your help,


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    What ad blocker am I running?

    G'day Mike,

    On any open browser page (firefox) click the three horizontal lines up in the top right hand corner of the page...just below the x that closes the page.

    it will open a small window/box with print,history,preferences etc etc listed in ADD ONS (single click)

    When add ons opens, select EXTENSIONS on the left hand side.........that will show you which add ons you have installed

    The ad blocker you have installed will have "preferences"....

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    What ad blocker am I running?

    Hi, and thanks for responding.

    I have only two extensions installed - neither is an ad blocker and both are disabled.

    Here's a screenshot of my Firefox extensions page:

    Again, thank you for the quick response.


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    What ad blocker am I running?

    In the Firefox address bar, type about:support and press Enter.

    Here you'll be able to check different aspects of Firefox's configuration.

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