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    MLDownloader now won't download quotes

    Is anybody else experiencing the same problem and knows how to fix it?

    It says "Could not connect to the Internet! (time out)". Yet my internet connection does work, yet now I always get the above message. I heard previously that Yahoo changed something that caused my HQuote Pro to stop downloading quotes, so is it the same issue with MLDownloader? It at least seemed to work for a short while after HQuote Pro stopped downloading quotes, but now has stopped working.

    I did try using the alternative "EOD Data Server" in MLDownloader, but it was confusing in that it seemed to show "Google Finance" after I had chosen "" from the 'EOD Data Server" menu, and so the alternative server wouldn't download quotes either. So at this point I have no way to download quotes.


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    MLDownloader now won't download quotes

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    Yahoo changed the API due to merge with Verizon, people in key positions were fired or left, the data is all messed up now, no adjusted close. MSN stopped long ago. Only Amibroker developer was able to fix Amiquote to download from yahoo but how long will that work? It seems free is coming to an end.

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    MLDownloader now won't download quotes

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    MLDownloader now won't download quotes

    That is a pity as Ive been a long time ML-Downloader user. I can't get no to website either. Is it down for everyone or just me?



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    content from reference site

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