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    Problems with Photobucket

    Yesterday, 06/24/2017, I tried to post instructions in a Windows forum which included a image stored at photobucket. When I posted the instructions the image didn't appear, instead I received the message "3rd Party Hosting has been temporarily disabled".

    Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    Does anyone know how to resolve this other than moving some 300 images to another photo host website?

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    Problems with Photobucket

    My guess would be that this service will be up in about a day or two maximum, just as they have stated,

    dc3, on 25 Jun 2017 - 9:56 PM, said:
    "3rd Party Hosting has been temporarily disabled".
    I suppose, if you don't have the opportunity to wait for an undefined length of time, you could upload the photos to a different host just in this one case.

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    Problems with Photobucket

    I have over 250 tutorials which collectively have over 300 images included in them. If I am forced to go to another host website I will have to move all of these images there. I then would have to replace the address for every image that gets used in these tutorials. That would be the last thing I would want to do.

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    Problems with Photobucket

    No, I meant that if you want to assist somebody, or perhaps you are the one seeking tech help, in another forum and you want to post an image from photobucket as a host, you can use another picture host just for that specific topic. Otherwise, this has happened to me before, albeit not with photobucket, and my content was 'back to normal' after about 36 hours. I don't think photobucket is stopping their hosting service forever is what I am saying, so in the short term you can maybe use some other similar service.

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