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    Windows 7: Office 2013 will not activate

    In my opinion, this is the best resource for Windows 7 questions. What is the equivalent for Office questions? I wiped Windows because I wanted to get out of VirtualBox so I needed to reinstall Office. My Office 2013 needs activation but it will not allow it via internet because I purchased it abroad and I guess the activation program does geolocation when you try to activate and phone activation is no longer being offered. If this won't activate I will not buy Office ever again.

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    Windows 7: Office 2013 will not activate

    If you have "wiped" Windows what operating system do you use now?

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    Windows 7: Office 2013 will not activate

    I wiped Windows from within VirtualBox on a computer I was selling so Office was wiped also. I then installed Office on another machine.

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    Windows 7: Office 2013 will not activate

    That probably why it wont activate. If you had installed it on one computer & then uninstalled it & have now installed it on another computer, it will show as already activated & unless you have a multi installation version, it will alert the invalid installation.

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