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    Downloading Pictures and video

    When downloading pictures and or videos from camera SD card, Quick Time grabs the pictures and they are too big for the monitor. Is there some way to resize them? Or maybe a better program as a picture down loader?

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    Downloading Pictures and video

    I personally love FastStone Image Viewer as my image manager/viewer. It's far better than the Win10 Photos app and QuickTime.

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    Downloading Pictures and video

    My personal preference is Irfanview - - but what little I have seen of the Win 10 photo app made me decide not to reccommend it to anyone, I am not familiar with QuickTime but does it not have a couple of symbols at the top that look like magnifying glasses usually with a + and - symbol. These change the size of the displayed image. Alternatively see if there is a setting to display images either 'Full Screen' or 'Windowed'.

    Personally, I always take the card out of the camera and plug it into the computer either through an SD slot (which almost all laptops have) or using a card reader and then use Windows (or File in Win10) Explorer to put the images where I want them before I view them.

    Chris Cosgrove

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    Downloading Pictures and video

    Agreeing with other posters , i,ll add it also depends what your Camera settings are set at - eg; Small / Med / Large ?
    If Quicktime is opening them by default , you can change that but what format are they from the Camera ?
    I use Acdsee for all my Photos / Albums etc and do batch files for any Resizing to a specific size i require, but there are a vast amount you can try , or maybe something that came with your Camera Purchase.
    As Britecguy said FastStone Products are fine and i use FastStone Photo Resizer occassionally and for customers PCs , it does the basic Resizing.

    Overall it depends what Photos you have taken and what you will do with them , manipulate , print , or just store on Pc.
    The more you play around with them - Crop / Rezise / etc , some loss will occur in those photos.

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