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    Which social media apps do you use?

    Call me a late bloomer... I am 26 years old, and for what appears to be since the dawn of mankind, I have been using Facebook as my sole and only social media app.
    ok, maybe I did try Google+ back in the day people thought it 'might' compete with Facebook someday, and I liked the temporary exclusivity of it when it was an invite only app in beta.
    that may have lasted a month or so... but I quickly dropped it and went back to where my friends were - on FB.

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    Which social media apps do you use?

    in these days people use media apps as they needs, and now there was so many kind of media apps we can use according to they can be attractive use or not.

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    Which social media apps do you use?

    I don’t use any, because I’m not on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or anything like that.

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    Which social media apps do you use?

    witter, Snapchat, and Instagram for the most part. That’s where I communicate with my friends from HS and College.
    Tumblr I honestly just use to reblog pictures of half naked women, anime, music, social themes and wallpapers.
    And I don’t use Facebook anymore. I still have it as a backup if someone absolutely needs to get in touch with me, but I haven’t posted a status in years.

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