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    word error

    Hi a user was getting an error when trying to open word docs about a converter word 632 error, i looked online and it told me delete a registry key which i did but now the error says you need a convertor to open this document, can i download one? i also sent some of his word docs to my own pc but they wont open either on mine its saying select the encoding that makes your doc readable? anyu fixes for the XP machine

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    word error

    Are you sure the documents are not corrupted? What is the Office version in use?

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    word error

    its office 2003 on windows xp pro, could all the documents of got corrupt? anyway to fix them? actually now that u say it i saved a doc and it opened fine its just older ones wont work

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    word error

    The old ones were created by the same word version?

    Do you have the Compatibility pack installed to support the newer formats?

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