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    PDF Problem, please help

    Just want to tap the vast knowledge base here.

    I've been producing artwork for magazine ads for a client recently, exported from Indesign CS4. No problems at all. Except the latest one. It went off to a magazine in America and it printed out with half the headline missing and some letters of the text missing. I checked attachment in the email I sent to the States, the PDF I sent printed out fine for me here. ALSO and this is weird, they do an online version of the mag with a version of the same PDF in the mag. That's fine. So presumably it can't be a font thing. But fonts shouldn't be a problem in a PDF anyway should they?

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    PDF Problem, please help

    Has anyone else had problems like this before? Has the file got corrupted somewhere. OR what? The mag team are looking into it but are equally mystified. Anyone got any advice to stop this happening again?

    Help woud be appreciated

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    PDF Problem, please help

    . Is no one's gonna give me the benefit of their experience on this one then?... ...I'll just have to google a more active forum I guess.:eyes

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    PDF Problem, please help

    Not sure why it's happened in this instance but does sound like a problem with fonts. One way around it (although not ideal) may be to outline the text. I haven't got a copy of InDesign on the computer I'm currently on, but I'm sure this is an option. Alternatively you can open the PDF into illustrator and outline the fonts in there before resaving as a PDF (or any other accepted format) - make sure any images are saved at the appropriate resolution though

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