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    Is Malwarebytes 3 Considered An AV?

    You also mention that you have Malwarebytes installed... what version of Malwarebytes do you have installed?

    It could be conflicting with your Avast / AVG causing the errors... especially if its Malwarebytes 3....

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    Is Malwarebytes 3 Considered An AV?

    Credit for this information goes to quietman7.
    Malwarbytes 3 is an antivirus. Unlike running two other antivirus or even having two different antivirus installed Malwarbytes 3 can be run with another antivirus. You are correct, two antivirus such as AVG and Avast even just installed on the same computer without one being used can cause problems. So I don't see Malwarebytes 3 being a problem even if it is installed. If it is the 2.2 version there definitely shouldn't be any conflict with an antivirus as this version is only a antimalwarebytes program.

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    Is Malwarebytes 3 Considered An AV?

    The only reason I mentioned AVG / Avast is because the OP had mentioned that he had tried AVG at one point... (I Agree, two antivirus programs should not be installed at the same time)

    As for Malwarebytes being an antivirus program, I am sorry but Malwarebytes v3 is not an antivirus program, as mentioned in the link below by one of the Malwarebytes employees (exile360). I know that Malwarebytes version 3 can conflict with some antivirus programs, and the reason I asked what version the OP was using is to find out if s/he was using version 3 so I could provide instructions of what files to exclude to avoid any potential conflicts.

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    Is Malwarebytes 3 Considered An AV?

    Malwarebytes 3.0 can replace an antivirus.

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