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    Following a power outage, XP won't start

    Hey guys. I have a problem that I don't think will be very hard to fix, but I need a little help.

    There was a thunderstorm in my area today. My computer's plugged into a surge protector, but the outlets in this house aren't grounded. I safely removed the flash drive and card reader I had plugged in, and figured it would be safe for me to extract the archive I'd just transfered to the hard drive before shutting down. Bad call.

    While 7-zip's doing its thing, the lights in the room briefly flickered off and on, and the CRT monitor went dark. I looked at the PC and saw its power light was still on, so I turned the monitor off and then back on, but the screen remained black. I then forced a shutdown by holding the PC's power button.

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    Following a power outage, XP won't start

    I selected the last of those choices. The Windows XP loading screen appeared, but after several seconds, the computer restarted and I ended up back at above screen. This happened again when I choose Last Known Good Configuration. I ran through the Safe Mode selections as well with almost the same result, only instead of the XP loading screen, a list of drivers was displayed as they loaded before the system restarted.

    This computer's running XP (with Service Pack 3, I think) and I have the "Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Operating System Disc" it came with. If I press F11 while the machine's booting, I'll be taken to a prompt to insert that disc, but it doesn't seem to give me any options besides a factory restore, something I obviously don't want to do without backing up everything first.

    But I'm thinking the problem is just that a driver or other system file was corrupted. I'm not sure how to go about identifying and replacing a corupt driver when I can't start Windows, though. I'm looking around for info along those lines, but I appreciate any help or other suggestions.

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    Following a power outage, XP won't start

    You are probably blue screening. Right after the BIOS press the F8 key. It should take you to the advanced menu. Choose disable restart on system failure or something like that. Write down what the blue screen says and post it in your next reply.

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    Following a power outage, XP won't start

    And BTW, you should be doing daily backups of your data to a second physical disk or the cloud.

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    Following a power outage, XP won't start

    Does this mean that you were able to boot into Safe Mode?

    If you are able to boot into Safe Mode try using the System Restore to a day prior to this problem.

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