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    Confusion with Simple file sharing and the root drive

    "The Sharing option is not available for the Documents and Settings, Program Files, and WINDOWS system folders. In addition, you cannot share folders in other user's profiles "

    I recently discovered that I had the root of the drive shared for a bit on my old xp system, and was wondering what the above paragraph means in terms of what was viewable and what was not.

    Someone told me that although it says Documents and Settings was not available for sharing on the microsoft support page (link below) that it would still have been viewable. How is that right? It does not seem right to me, why would it say that if you could still view all of it.

    Also, what does it mean by "share folders in other users profiles"? Keep in mind the paragraph I quoted is under "To share a drive or folder over the network" so it should be applicable to my situtaion of having the root drive shared.

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    Confusion with Simple file sharing and the root drive

    Sharing...involves a number of options. All files can be shared for viewing...but when it comes to editing, copying, and such...rights must be granted to users. The rights granted to determined by the options/privileges granted when invoking the These options are calle4 permissions.

    THIS explains it much simpler than I could ever do.

    Soooo...all files shared should be viewable...but the permissions set by the user determine whether or not a person with permissions....can edit, manipulate shared files.

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    Confusion with Simple file sharing and the root drive

    I shared the entire drive on my XP as a test, and when I went to check the user folders in the Documents and Settings folder I did not have permission. You cannot change the rights to certain individuals on xp home, its automatic that "everyone" has access. I tried allowing writing and editing files but I still cannot gain access to the documents and settings folder.

    Any idea why or how I can get around this? Or is this just one of the limitations of simple file sharing?

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    Confusion with Simple file sharing and the root drive

    XP is older and slightly different, sorry but I was thinking about sharing as it happens in Win 7.

    On share Docs & Settings...I just went to the Docs&Settings group in Explorer view...and shared that group and it works for me. If you don't want to share the whole group can just elect to share individual groupings within the Docs & Settings group.

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    Confusion with Simple file sharing and the root drive

    I share the root drive on my are correct in saying that certain groups of files will not allow access using this method...but they can be fully shared by going into the specific subgroups and/or folders.

    FWIW: On Win 7, the Docs & Settings folders are useless and no access will be's the USER group that contains similar data/files which is reflected in XP as Docs & Settings.

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