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    Symbian is Burning Off?

    Nokia's Symbian platform is burning and now partners with MS on Windows Phone. It's now a three-horse race: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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    Symbian is Burning Off?

    I can't find it now, but a few days ago I read a very compelling article from a technology "prophet" why Nokia's decision spells their doom. Symbian has certainly been loosing the race, so it was a good idea to dump it, but Microsoft's Windows phone is not really expected to bring much to the table. And is thought to be too little to late as is most things that Microsoft does as a reaction to Apple or Google. i.e the Zune. Apparently a very large number of investors reacted very unfavorably to the news that Nokia decided to go with Microsoft. Many were hoping for an Android deal. Nokia may already be regretting their decision as Nokia stock has fallen over 24% since they announced the deal. Some are calling it a "Silent Microsoft Takeover." The CEO of Nokia owns a large amount of shares in Microsoft stocks, and that also has upset a lot of investors who believe that is what caused the Microsoft bid to win over Google's.

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    Symbian is Burning Off?

    I agree its not a good move by Nokia. I was actually quite surprised when I heard about the news. Windows phones are not being well received in the market, and do not seem to be doing well. So, I don't know why Nokia had to go for it. Symbian, of course, is not doing well too, and is lagging behind in competition. According to what I have heard and read, Symbian is lacking in keeping up with modern technologies.

    Android seems to be getting popular nowadays. Android phones have just started to appear in India. Quite late in reaching here, but they have already started to show effect. I too would like to go for an Android phone.

    Google is always surrounded by privacy and other issues, but I feel that you have to give credit to them. They keep coming up with innovative and breakthrough technologies, which get highly popular. Its hard to beat them at their game.

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    Symbian is Burning Off?

    Three-Horse race? What about BlackBerry?

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    Symbian is Burning Off?

    Good article. Thanks for the link. Nokia was the best for me in mobile market, but now that it has taken this move, I don't know which mobile I will go for. I wish they had gone with Android. Anyways, I still have time before I go for buying a new mobile, so well, lets see.

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    I have been watching HTC over the last couple of years. A few years ago you would be hard pressed to find anyone that had heard of them. Now they are beginning to have the "buzz" that Nokia/MS needs. I think they are really going to go somewhere. If I were looking for an individual company to transfer Nokia stocks to I would definitely be considering HTC. Thankfully I don't have any investments in Nokia, but the city where I am currently living has a very large Nokia fabrication plant and it would be very saddening to see it go under.

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