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    apple iphone 4 can i block callers?

    i cant find a way to block callers on this phone, does it have a feature i haven,t found for this? it appears android has a feature or app to do this, but not apple, thank you much. (no jailbreaking)

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    apple iphone 4 can i block callers?

    According to this, you can set up a silent ringtone as the default and use other ringtones for your contacts.

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    apple iphone 4 can i block callers?

    i think i found a winner from your link, i will try it and get back to report if it works or not for sure. i have been getting scam calls from a number to a prision, after some research i find this is happining to 100,000"s of persons worldwide. in contacting the institution i learned they have many trunk numbers associated with a single billing address, so a limited number of calls i can block would be futile. thank you for responding.

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    apple iphone 4 can i block callers?

    These scam calls are happening all over the world. I too have gotten missed calls from numbers of foreign country, and it's happening to many people all over India. The naive people who call back to these numbers without thinking about it, loose quite a lot of their recharge money. Have also got a few scam sms on the line of the scam emails. There is no use applying a blocker for this, unless the calls come from a single number, but then, they aren't really foolish to use a single number for scams.

    There are a number of apps on Android though, for blocking calls, etc. I think there must be similar apps for iPhone too? There should be.. would be really strange if there are not.

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    apple iphone 4 can i block callers?

    I'd agree with Anupam about the scams. Apparently scammers have been targeting naive persons on mobile phones for some time. I've already had a couple SMS messages saying that I won so and so lottery. How in the name of all that's holy would I win a lottery that I know nothing about? As they say "If it's too good to be true, then it's most likely not true".

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