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    Need for a music streaming App via WiFi

    i am new here. here is what i have been trying to develop for a while and i need assistance or advice on how to go about it.

    i want to start a music streaming service via WiFi. in such a way that everyone around the coverage area can simply hook unto my Free wifi and be able to stream music and create playlists without Internet or data.

    Now i created one with web interface and tested. the only challenge is that when you minimize the phone browser to multi task, the music stops. (Music plays only when browser is active).

    Is there a way i can develop a mobile app that can connect to my wifi via people's phones are be able to stream music and create playlist. Also, i will need help developing this mobile App. Preferably Android for now.

    i will cherish replies and advice you guys can give.

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    Need for a music streaming App via WiFi

    But yes, there are apps that need to be written. You know what you want, now get out there and make it.

    As to getting help, google this "Freelance programmers for hire."

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    Need for a music streaming App via WiFi

    Hi there. The idea of such streaming app sound interesting. Would like to try and test the functionality, so if you provide a link to web version, would be very grateful. With regard to your question - there are many cost-effective and affordable ways to create mobile version of your app. The cheapest way for sure will try luck on the developer forums. The people there are always prompt solutions to a particular problem. You can even find like-minded people there, which will help with app development for free (or for free usage of your app).
    Another way's more expensive but faster and more efficient. Try to outsource your application development. Offshore app development in Eastern Europe is inexpensive and quite popular, so you will have a possibility to choose from dozen of trusted and reliable companies. I know this market well enough because have some own products developed in past (so faced same problem) and now have my own IT outsourcing company - placed in Ukraine. I do not mean to refer to my company, just know well the prices on this market. Try to search 'custom app development' or 'it outsourcing in ukraine' in google. I'm sure you will find right solution, good luck! Hope to try app as soon as possible,

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    Need for a music streaming App via WiFi

    So you want to start your own very local broadcast company.

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    Need for a music streaming App via WiFi

    You might have to pay royalties to some copyright organisation, just like all broadcasters are required to do.

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    Be sure that you only do it legally.

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