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    virus database update

    I am back to Comodo AV after a few years with AVG and NOD32 for the last time. Everything is OK, my computers are running lightly. I have only one notice ragarding virus database update. When i used Nod32 there was update 2-3 times in a day. Now is latest version 23690 from 1-Dec-2015 10:59:12. Is it sufficient?

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    virus database update

    Something is going wrong with latest database version shown on the page
    It shows version 29690 as the latest released, but my CIS is updated at 29691 version in the moment I'm writing.

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    virus database update

    Now I have the Cis updated at 23692 version, but the Comodo web page still shows 23690.
    This is not usual. Maybe someone of the Comodo staff should be aware of it.

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    virus database update

    Database version 23693 is the most recent.

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    virus database update

    Just an answer: where we do find now the latest database number version. In case we want to update Cis manually, how can we know now if a new database version has been released or not?
    Before I was used to check that page to know it. Now I see that it is nomore possible. Or there is another way?

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    So when i view then link it shows AV database 23001 and was updated 13 (or 31?) of August 2015! Today I have 23732 but when I import it into CCE on my other machine (working a malware/connection problem) it says "Not a valid CAV file" or something to that affect. So what the heck? Anybody?

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