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    I have been sent an .XPS file...

    A client has sent me an XPS file (I know...) containing a design that requires editing.

    Can anyone recommend a way I can open it on a Mac in order to edit it? I assume I need to convert it into a PDF or Jpeg first? If so, can you point me in the direction of a reliable software/ app/ website that can do this conversion accurately?

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    I have been sent an .XPS file... could try that, worse case scenario give me a pm (I'll give you an email address to send it to), I should be able to convert it to a flat pdf from xps.

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    I have been sent an .XPS file...

    Thanks, looks promising!

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    I have been sent an .XPS file...

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    I have been sent an .XPS file...

    Does this site store the uploaded/ converted files anywhere? Or is it private and confidential? In other words, could someone, somehow access the file I upload or convert?

    Looks incredible though, is there anything it doesn't convert? Haha.

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