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    martin coles PAT software

    This is a propritory software designed by Martin Cole. Price goes upto 500 per month. He does offer a gurantee of 100 pips on either dax or ftse, or next month free.

    If would welcome any thoughts by people who have used it.



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    martin coles PAT software

    I have just looked at the site and I would want to know the following which are not given.

    1) A 2 year history of results for this product on the FTSE and Dax

    2) The maximum intra-day drawdown over this time, ie by how much is your starting account depleted for trades that do not work.

    3) Win to loss ratio

    4) Profit factor which should be at least 2

    For me this site is lacking a lot of information and at 500 per month that is a lot to fork out. Also the only guarantee is that you will make 100 points per month and if not then next month your subscription is free. So even if it doesnt work there is still no cost incurred by the proprieter a pretty good deal and one that is often used by horseracing tipsters.

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    martin coles PAT software

    If it goes wrong and you get the second month free, you have still had to pay the 500 for the first month. Doesn't look good to me.

    Why not read Chartman's posts for free and see if you can make money using his system? Use the 500 for trading and you will gain some experience.

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    martin coles PAT software

    In the past there's been discussion about Martin Coles; you may wish to peruse the last thread in case there are some juicy nuggets of information hidden in it!

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    martin coles PAT software spoon fed a "system" or create your own by working at the coalface and learning in the school of hard knocks?

    There are cheaper schools to get you started. Some are shown on t2w homepage.

    Anyway...take care and good luck.

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