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    Chrome won't Sync?

    Hey guys, just setup a new computer and need to use it for work. After setting up this Windows 7 machine I installed Chrome, then I try to Sync all my Passwords etc. but it won't work. It freezes on the window I've posted below. I've tried it multiple times, like 8 times. Changed My Google Password also. Never had an issue like this with chrome. Now can't even post a screenshot as I always do, what is wrong this week? Tried every link on imgur?

    EDIT: Now I see that I can't even post a screenshot from this particular pc, it's the weirdest thing? Anybody have a clue as to what I'm experiencing here? Just posted the window I'm seeing from another computer. Could this be some kind of Networking issue, or a matter of the wrong Ethernet all don't make sense to me.

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    Chrome won't Sync?

    Hi, have you tried reinstalling Chrome? Sounds like a corrupted installation to me.

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    Chrome won't Sync?

    May have to try that eth4n

    EDIT: Reinstall did not work.

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    Chrome won't Sync?

    Whoa, I think there is some kind of issue here, Networking? I tried downloading this iso and look at what I'm seeing. Never had a problem like this with this site...hmm. Well at least I was able to post a screenshot this time?

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    Chrome won't Sync?

    I may go to Google Forums if no answers by later today guys, thanks. Got to get this pc working to use for work asap, not critical but it's no good how it is now. I'm forced to use my good laptop atm for recovering files etc, which could cause my main lappy problems.

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    Well, if all other browsers are working well? Then it's undoubtedly a Chrome issue and contacting Chrome support would be the best bet.

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