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    i'm a student in year 10 and i'm looking for any competitions that would be suitable for my
    age category. I'd preferably like to enter with a creative graphical piece of work. Any suggestions?

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    Competitions will not pay a wage. I strongly discourage this route.

    You cannot have a career on the promise of being paid if your design is 'chosen' - follow the link and read below carefully.

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    he's 14-15 Hank.... I've said it before I don't mind comps aimed at children which don't look to replace paid designers as it allows them to practice their skills.

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    Do I know of any... no, sorry, as I require paying for my services, supporting Hanks view there, I don't go around looking for comps.

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    I agree with both @Levi and @hankscorpio on this one as comp's are exploitative but I see the appeal when you're starting out.
    A written brief and the chance of winning.

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