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    Project/idea/task management software?

    Not really a trading software question but this is probably the best place to ask.
    i am increasingly getting swamped with stuff to do and many things seem to fall through the cracks. Some of the issues left overboard are sub-tasks related to live strategies, some are just ideas to check, some are follow-ups to specific questions that I or others have asked.

    Can anyone recommend some sort of idea/project/task management software where you can branch ideas and sub projects, add comments, statuses and set deadlines for things to do?

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    Project/idea/task management software?

    I use producteev. give it a try

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    Project/idea/task management software?

    Lemme google it

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    Project/idea/task management software?

    I tried quite a few...trello, producteev,jira but the one I like the most is

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    Project/idea/task management software?

    You mean a project management tool which can generate Gantt charts and stuff like that? On Ubuntu they have "Planner" available. However, I have not tried it myself.
    There are enough tools that let you make todo lists, but not so many tools that actually do project management, including deadlines per task, Gantt charts, resource allocation, and so on.

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