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Thread: Irfanview photo

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    Irfanview photo

    Ok you tube videos stink for help so posting here.

    Anyone aware of and use Irfanview photo editor ?

    Trying to give a girlfriend a shapely figure using Irafanview; heard its soooo much easyier to use
    the photoshop. Trying to give her a nicer shapely look in the photo but don t see the commands
    for that with Irfanview; so where do I click on and how do I use ? ?

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    Irfanview photo

    As far as Photo Editing is concerned Irfanview is pretty basic. You'll have to stick with Photoshop or similar or suggest your girlfriend hit the gym.

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    Irfanview photo

    I Dont use irfanview , but Photoshop.
    You can try GIMP which is free and may meet your needs.

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    Irfanview photo

    Photoshop isn t free and GIMP has lousy instructions and worse you tube videos; I ll wait some body here must know their way around here and weird it happened again no e mail up date telling me about an answer here dang it .

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    Irfanview photo

    i do NOT condone editing ones body shape in photos to please others.

    regardless if there are videos or not, it's not that difficult to learn the software.

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    Ok their is a Free " GIMP " but the you tube instructions as usual are awful can t figure out how to trim a human body yet;

    Ho hum directions are never simple to follow but have to read on dang it

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