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    Windows XP Pro Failure to Boot Black screen no cursor

    I am completely lost and will paypal anyone with the correct answer. We are a repair shop been in business for 32 Years. We have a windows xp pro machine in here that is used for a milling company. The software that runs this machine is uber expensive, So formatting a starting over is not an option.
    The Machine Is: Dell Precision T3400
    It has New tested and known good ram 4 GB
    It has an Acronis Image of the original HD (for testing purposes only) in it
    It will boot and run to another Hard drive ... Making me pretty certain there is an issue with the OS it's self.
    When I try to turn it on the following sequence happens every time:
    Windows XP logo comes up and then a black screen with no cursor
    Here is what happens when you try to go into safemode fails
    Safemode with networking ... Same fail
    Last Known Good
    Enable VGA mode
    start windows normally
    Now for with a Windows XP pro cd in the drive
    boots up to first screen ... tap the letter R
    it asks what drive answer:1
    it asks for password to admin: answer press enter
    Then I have command prompt : I type in chkdsk /r press enter
    it successfully does it no errors
    I then Typed in Fix mbr..It says it had a non standard MBR and asked if I wanted to fix it I said yes...
    then it reported that it was fixed
    Then I typed in fix boot.... it asked if I wanted to do that sure why not!
    It said it was done
    I then typed shutdown -r
    the computer rebooted
    -------------------------------------- \
    I then attempted to boot with the same results...

    I then rebooted to the windows cd again ..this time going to the next screen to repair windows... The option was not there....
    I then booted using Hirums Boot Cd.... I chose mini windows xp
    I then navigated to the troubled drive and then went to system folder and there was no restore points there
    I then navigated to C:\windows\system32\config
    There was save files in there but only 3 of the five . I took the 5 files (system, sam, security, software, default) and cut them into a new folder I created.
    I then renamed the sav files as the original
    I exited and tried to restart------------

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    Windows XP Pro Failure to Boot Black screen no cursor

    The NTFS file system may be corrupt/damaged. AFAIK, the only way to repair it (not files) is to reformat/repartition/reinstall. I am not saying that's your problem, just one of the possibilities.

    Me...I would check the functional status of the original hard drive...a clone of a troubled drive/partition...IME, it's garbage in, garbage out.

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    Windows XP Pro Failure to Boot Black screen no cursor

    I believe Dell allows you to do a System Diagnosis by tapping F12 at boot. It should allow you to test your hard drive.

    What was your backup plan should the drive fail?

    Am I correct in understanding you cannot use the Acronis Image on the drive to do a restore to a new drive. The image does not include your software.

    Is this computer connected to the internet?

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    Windows XP Pro Failure to Boot Black screen no cursor

    Thanks for the responses, I believe I stated earlier that I did a (actually 2) disk Checks chkdsk /r/ f from the xp install media..was clean 2x
    and JohnC_21 my backup plan or the customers?...(if customer, had no I plan ...then I was the plan) LOL My plan is always the same! I check the disk for errors and Acronis image it and work off of the imaged drive. that way I can't do more harm than good.
    Yes you are correct dell does have a diagnostic mode (although I have never trusted it, Dell sets the bar so high that practically anything is a pass. I use our shop chkdsk environment.
    Why is there not a repair option at the install screen? Like I have said before, the software that has to be bought is UBER Expensive....Like close to 10 grand..that is why this working again is so important.
    I am running out of time this thing should have been back to the company like 4 days ago. I just have never been beat and I really don't want to start now. Thanks for any help you can give.

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