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    Good Apps for Kids

    I set up this thread to see if anyone had come across any good apps for kids recently. Iīm a mother of two young kids who are 2 and 4 and I have just discovered this great new app for kids called Heidi Alpine Adventure. We are going on holidays and taking a long haul flight so I got the app to keep them occupied. Itīs full of fun and educational games and there are no in app purchases! Itīs available on iTunes and Google Play. Can you recommend any other kidsī apps?

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    Good Apps for Kids

    Hi there Gamelover25! Hmm I do have some suggestions, but wow it’s great to hear about this Heidi game. You seem very keen on it.
    You were also keen on it here…

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    Good Apps for Kids

    There’s a nice press release about it here, I wonder if you recognise any of the words and phrases. There’s a PR contact at the bottom too, you should probably contact her and tell her how much you like the game…
    Well that was fun, I suspect you’ll get deleted for astroturfing soon, which seems a shame since i’ve just spent 5 mins of my day tapping away here.
    Oh and by the way my kids like the CBeebies app and many of the Duplo games.

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    Good Apps for Kids

    i know the software which can control all activities of your kid’s phone easily. call log, message, history

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    Good Apps for Kids

    Great! Now I will have an idea on what to install on my kids iPad.

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