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    Downgrading Windows 10 To 7

    I have asus laptop G551VW-FY212T and windows 10 has a lot of issues, I can't reset windows 10 os it gives me error so I just want to downgrade to windows 7. How do I downgrade to windows 7? Should I do it though bios or in windows 10? Now I heard of this Chinese program called driver genius which is suppose to download drivers for computer that does not support windows 7. Problem is though it is in Chinese so what other way can I download windows 7 drivers for this laptop? I have a windows 7 disc to put in my laptop but the track pad and keyboard are unresponsive during windows 7 setup. External mouse keyboard do not work either

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    Downgrading Windows 10 To 7

    The reason the external mouse and keyboard do not work is because the laptop only has USB 3.0 ports and Windows 7 does not have native USB 3.0 drivers in the install disk.

    See this guide. I have not done this but it may work for you. As far as getting your other drivers, it's possible your hardware does not have Windows 7 drivers. After the install look in Device Manager for any yellow exclamation marks. Right click the device, select Properties, and under the Details tab select Hardware IDs in the dropdown box. Copy and Paste the Vendor and Device ID into Google. I would not consider any driver update package except for Snappy Driver Installer and that would be as a last resort.

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    Downgrading Windows 10 To 7

    The hard drive storage controller may be so new that Windows 7 would not be able to detect a hard drive and you would need to have the drivers on a USB flash drive before Windows could detect the drive.

    If Windows 10 is giving a problem you can do a clean install with Windows 10 media using the Media Creation Tool.

    According to the ASUS ROG forum tapping F9 at boot will do a factory reset. All your programs you added would need to be reinstalled and any personal data backed up.

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    Downgrading Windows 10 To 7

    Ok thank you, The guide you posted only works with usb boot device, how can I get usb 3.0 drivers to work windows 7 setup using my disc dvd boot device?

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    Downgrading Windows 10 To 7

    You can still do it with a USB flash drive. Use Imgburn to write a iso image file from your Windows 7 DVD. With this iso image file you can create a bootable USB flash drive using Rufus then do the guide instructions and boot the flash drive. I believe this would be the easiest approach.

    If you would still want to use a DVD you would need to copy all of your files from the DVD to a folder on your desktop. Do the instructions in the guide. Then burn the files to a DVD but you would also need to copy the boot sector from the Windows 7 DVD in order for the disk to boot.

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