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    Website Not Secure

    When I try to click on I get a message that tells me the website is not secure and a circle with an i in it. What does this mean?

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    Website Not Secure

    Well, it works for me using Firefox on 64 bit Win 7

    Computer ? Browser ?

    The site does seem to be running http not https, this may be what is causing the problem depending on your browser and its security settings.

    Chris Cosgrove

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    Website Not Secure

    I get that from time to time, when you get that message, what are your options presented by the browser you're using?

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    Website Not Secure

    In such a situation as this, I myself would always do a quick url scan with VirusTotal before progressing any further within the site itself.

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    Website Not Secure

    Evidently the issue is https vs. http. My browser is Google Chrome and I'm using Outlook 2016 as my email program. Is there a setting in Google where I can allow http websites to operate, assuming I know they are legit.

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    Isnt it because it doesnt have the Https// in front of it,therefore making it possibly a less secure connection?I think some security preferences react to that.

    Rotary Club of Indiana :- Dont think its a problem,just means they havnt updated their site to the more standard and presumably more secure Https format .

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