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    Playing around with batch files

    I was going to make a simple menu with sub-menus that closes explorer.exe at start and opens it when you close the batch menu. The starter closes explorer, and when you press enter it opens 2 other batches, one fullscreen with an ascii art image (used like a wallpaper), the other is the core, the real menu, which does various actions.
    Now, since i've seen many batch files with box characters i became mad for a week till i found out how to add them to my menu (chcp 65001).
    But then i thought i could add every unicode character for output. I tryed adding this one ֍, just for test. It is shown in the editor i use (notepad++), but it does not come with output.
    Is there any command to add the entire unicode charset as possible output symbols?

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    Playing around with batch files

    And now the question about what is really essential:
    Pressing "x" in the menu makes the menu close and starts Explorer.exe, but is there a way to close the "wallpaper" batch with the menu close command?

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    Playing around with batch files

    Why i can't edit my post?
    I've noticed that from android the symbol i've added isn't shown.
    This is the website from which i took it:

    Re-edit: i've noticed i can actually edit this post, but i can't edit the previous one :\

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    Playing around with batch files

    What would the reason be to print all acsii chars? In a Dos prompt you can use CTR+G to make a Beep sound if thats what you mean?

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    Playing around with batch files

    Ehm... i've never mentioned the Beep, and i'm talking about unicode, not ascii. The question is: is there a way to include the full unicode table?

    And the second question is about closing a previously opened batch file from another batch file

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