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    Investing in your trading

    I was really surprised that many of us invest in trade, every day lose them. But it does not want a penny to spend on training or special trade program. We are not fools to spend money on training and software.better to lose them in the market, right? True? We all think so, because we do not believe anyone, but We do not believe anyone, including himself.

    Why do we think that having a book about forex, downloading from the Internet, and a free terminal connecting - you start making money? After all, you want to take money from your opponents, who: a) have more experience 2) better trained 3) have the best software.

    Trading is like war, where every man for himself. Why do you think that after reading a book about the war, taking a kitchen knife, worn on the head of the pan are going to fight against professional killers. We did not want to buy the guns, because don't want to pay the money. Better we spend a couple of years on the invention mines, bows and arrows. Let us use them. But free. Beginners should understand that they are just meat for sharks. You should always give money in this business before what it learns. Just who and how much is up to you. You must understand what your edge, before you start trading with real money.

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    Investing in your trading

    I have used google translate for languages I speak fluently just to check how well they translate. I have never seen Google translate something that poorly before.

    What is your native language?

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    Investing in your trading

    that was painful to read

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    Investing in your trading

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    Talk about spam. Why don't you just say that you're a vendor?

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