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    How do i convert my website to SSL..Help!

    Hi guys. Well, my husband and i are thinking of starting an online cooking business, and i have a question, if anyone has an idea of how to correctly convert a website to SSL we would be grateful, and in this case you are basically talking to beginners

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    How do i convert my website to SSL..Help!

    I imagine you are having the site hosted by a reputable third party. They would handle the part about enabling HTTPS.

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    How do i convert my website to SSL..Help!

    Hi bigdogchris, you actually pointed out another big decision we have to make, site hosting. Given the many options in the market today, we are still contemplating on what exactly to go for. Anyway i was reading about search engine rankings and it turns out that it has been debated over the last few years about whether or not converting a website to HTTPS has a positive effect on search engine rankings! Well, to date, HTTP sites have always been shown as white, while HTTPS are usually labeled with a green padlock meaning that more people are now able to recognise if a site is secure or not.

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    How do i convert my website to SSL..Help!

    Do i need to start a new thread there or how exactly does that work. Is this an admin thing, or can i basically just do it by myself? Thank you.

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    PM them and link to your thread and ask for a move.

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