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    Logo desing esay way.

    I want to learn graphic can i learn graphic logo desing easy way?
    some body help me please.

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    Logo desing esay way.

    Download Photoshop Trial. Play around get a feel for it. Google search "Photoshop Logo Tutorials". Complete a few tutorials and over time you'll get better and better. If you enjoy it, buy Photoshop. Voila.

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    Logo desing esay way.

    What books or blogs do you recommend that will help the thread creator. You need to provide some details when you respond in a thread.

    Show your experience in the web design field with the best guides and blogs to get started with learning.

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    Logo desing esay way.

    You must own books of this type:
    Archetypes in Branding: A Toolkit for Creatives and Strategists
    Los Logos
    Star Brands: A Brand Manager’s Guide to Build, Manage & Market Brands

    This books will gain you a tone of different perspective on the way you look at logos and think while you create one.

    Also have a look at this site :
    Amazing blog with in-depth details and explanations for each logo.

    Also try to find a job in a logo design company. As helper, or learner.

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