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    Remove: "Please select an Operating system to start"

    I have replaced my motherboard and ended up having to get an entirely new copy of windows. The new copy of windows installed on C:\ and is working fine. The old version of windows is in the (partitioned) area of my hard drive "D:\" and I have totally formatted drive D:\ and there are NO operating system files on D:\.

    The problem is when I start the computer, after the initial BIOS info and manufacturer info and loads, I get a this message:

    Please select the operating system to start: Use the up and down arrow keys to move the highlight to your choice. Press enter to choose.

    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

    Windows will start automatically in: 26 (Then it counts down)

    For advanced startup and troubleshooting options press F8.

    The first option is the correct one that starts the OS! The other one needs to be gone.

    If I choose the second option I get this message:

    Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt <Windows root>\system32\hal.dll

    Please reinstall a copy of the file above.

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    Remove: "Please select an Operating system to start"

    Can anyone help me get rid of this screen and go straight to loading up Windows when I start my PC?

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    Remove: "Please select an Operating system to start"

    ry this:
    • Go to Start > Run and type: MSCONFIG , and hit enter.
    • Click on the BOOT.INI tab and then click on "Check All Boot Paths" to delete incorrect boot paths

    However, if that doesn't work, then do below, but be careful when editting the file.
    • Right-click My Computer and select Properties
    • Click Advanced > Startup and Recovery Settings > Edit
    • Be very careful with this step: Delete the second entry

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    Remove: "Please select an Operating system to start"

    Thanks! Your first option worked!

    Too bad BleepinComputer doesn't provide +rep option for users.

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    Remove: "Please select an Operating system to start"

    Glad to know it worked

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