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    Company rebrand price

    Just wandered what I should charge for a large companies rebrand with sub-divisions x4

    I am starting in freelance after working full time in design for over 1o years.

    I have no idea what price to go in at. How do you work out what you are going to charge?

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    Company rebrand price

    How long is a piece of string! The only thing you can do if they have given you no idea of budget on which to base your design propostion of what they will get for their money, is to base it purely on your time.

    Literally write down how long you think you would like spend on each part of the design process.

    1) Research/reference
    2) Initial ideas thumbnails
    3) 1st worked up visuals based on their feed back from seeing (2)
    4) Amends /variations on chosen design at stage (3)
    5) Artwork production of logo
    6) Application to company materials ie stationery.......

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    Company rebrand price

    Finally coming up with a total 'your studio time' x hourly rate

    You can even show them your rough calculation so they can see how long and where the money is being spent. This also speeds up the process sometimes as they can see time=money, and they shouldn't faff about too much.

    If they come back saying its sounds too expensive then maybe you are allowing too much time, and could adjust you quote by limiting the number of logo design options at stage one, so not giving them too much choice to waste their time pondering on and asking for further variations.

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    Company rebrand price

    I agree with Susie. As a freelancer you're also a businessman and need to get used to winning tenders. When I started out freelancing I was advised to draw up my rate sheet detailing exactly what I was prepared to work for in any situation. This also develops into your rules of engagement - a single pdf sheet that clearly states your terms. Then you can apply these rules to any situation.

    You mentioned that it was a bigger company you were quoting for. This shouldn't really make a difference to your pricing structure as they'll be looking for value for money as much as a smaller company. The only adjustment I make is coming down in price if I think it's worth it. Otherwise we become like the dodgy garage that bumps up the price simply because you drive a BMW.

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    Company rebrand price

    yes you are right D, but if you are asked to reduce your price and do so willingly this looks just as bad as the dodgy garage mentioned above, seemingly overcharging in the first place.

    Set your rate and stick to it. If you have to reduce to meet a client's budget, make it clear you won't be spending so much time on it and that's how, and why you are reducing.

    Don't under value yourself and your skills, it is surprisingly liberating, and gives you more confidence, and your clients will see this.

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