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    After scrawling through many a mixed review of Ninjatrader, I am mixed as to whether or not it is good or not or is it just their customer service team continually make excuses as to why problems exist...or has all this been rectified and now is quite a good & reliable platform?

    I currently use TT and CQG but am going solo and weighing every angle up at the minute,

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    I trade mostly intraday focusing on the Bund and rare trades in Stoxx,

    If there are many current users of Ninja that can offer their praise..or criticism even trading other products, it would be of great assistance in helping me deciding what route to go next,

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    Well its cheap, $50 a month including data from some brokers. I find it pretty good, similar in some ways to tradestation. I suppose it depends how complex your trades are, I'm just entering and exiting trades on limit orders, no fancy scaling in or out. For me its fine, it would cost substantially more to have something better so I'm happy enough.

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    Thanks that incl iys Charts etc...does it offer profile also?

    I assume as a customer you would recommend then from the above?

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    I have a trial which I am of mixed opinion on...I imagine alot of that comes from the fact I use TT all day..

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    For that price, yes, but its not TT. I suppose you get what you pay for.

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